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Posted 3/14/2020 Ref # 509


In light of growing national concerns about the COVID-19 virus BC Soccer is directing all members and affiliated clubs to suspend all sanctioned soccer activities in the province effective immediately until further notice. This includes, and not limited to, all tournaments, assessments,spring season, practices, games, coach and referee education and any team building activities. We ask teams to also refrain from participating in season end wind up activities until further notice. The safety and wellness of our participants, parents, volunteers and all other community members is AFC's top priority. Please see BC Soccer update here We understand the uncertainty behind this unprecedented situation and we are keeping a close eye on all developments and mandates from BC Soccer and the Health Minister. This is a good time to get connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for quick updates. Membership will also be emailed any updates. Thank you all for your cooperation. If you've emailed us please be patient we are busier than usual!
Posted 3/6/2020 Ref # 508

Congratulations to the U15G on their win!

Posted 3/4/2020 Ref # 507

Albion FC Gifts Make it to West Africa!

Albion FC Gifts Make it to West Africa
When the leadership team of Maple Ridge' s local soccer team, Albion FC was approached for items to give to kids in Ghana, there was no hesitation.

The Tahid family was going back home to visit family in a rural community in Northern Ghana and they were aware of the need for soccer gear for youth. They approached Bill Johnstone with a request for items to gift and his response was very enthusiastic.

When the family and Albion FC team met, the multiple jerseys and plethora of soccer balls that were being given to share with the kids was monumental. The excitement was in the air about being able to help children out for the love of the beautiful game.

When in Ghana, Imran Tahid spoke with community leaders and found a local club called Yezoli FC which has an impressive amount of children who come everyday to the soccer pitch to practice and play. Similar to Albion FC, they have boys and girls in all age categories from U6 all the way up to U21, who are so eager to kick the ball and learn with their teammates.

Presentation of the sets of jerseys and soccer balls were met with cheers of excitement and pure happiness from the children. They were so delighted to have such a marvelous contribution given to them. The smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes was contagious and everyone in the area couldn't help but smile too.

To show their appreciation, the Yezoli FC Manager, Simone helped arrange a mini tournament to not only showcase the new jerseys, but to also show how the kids play. Once the games were organized and all were in attendance, it was hard not to notice the pride of the players wearing their brand new jerseys on the red dirt pitch. The children played with all heart and displayed their creative flair throughout the games.

Hundreds of spectators from the community showed their support and came to watch the games. Excitement and joy was in the air and for those who were unable to come and watch the games, they even broadcast it with a live play-by-play announcer on the local radio station.

The amount of joy and gratitude that was shown for Canadians sharing some jerseys and soccer balls with children in a little community in Northern Ghana was immeasurable and has made an impact that may not fully be realized here in Maple Ridge.

Thank you to Mike Coulter, Bill Johnstone and the rest of the Albion FC leadership team for forever touching the lives of youth in a small community in West Africa and showing them that we can all be connected by the game of soccer. Your exceptional willingness to help is forever grateful.

Posted 9/20/2019 Ref # 472

Referees Needed!

Our family is growing and we are looking to add more referees to our roster.

If you are a current referee please contact our Ref Scheduler Kerrin at If you want to be a referee you will need to attend one of the clinics (depending on your age and level - you can start refereeing at the age of 12!). 

Please see available courses below:

Once you take your course please contact our referee coordinator to start getting games assigned.