AFC Philosophy

As a proud supporter of the Canadian Soccer Association’s (CSA) LTPD: Wellness to World Cup (long term player development), designed to provide players of ALL skill levels an opportunity to learn, grow and develop at their own individual pace, Albion FC underpins its many development programs with the following philosophies:

Playing Philosophy 

All Albion FC teams will strive to produce exciting, attacking soccer, based on a possession philosophy. We will apply a good work ethic and have the Physical and Psychological determination to apply the correct Technical skills and Tactical play(s), in all areas of the field.

Coaching Philosophy

The Albion FC coaching philosophy is built around a player first mentality developing the individual as a player, whether that is on or off the pitch. With the aim to create a positive, challenging and enjoyable learning environment that provides the player with the freedom to express and develop their natural ability without the fear of failure or criticism.

Winning is NEVER the most critical decision factor! Our coaches will apply diligence to act with respect for the game the officials the parents the opponents and the member players. Through demonstrations of this respect  and the self -control that accompanies it,we will model positive character and behaviour to those we are coaching.

Soccer is called "The Beautiful Game". Albion FC encourages our teams to play attractive  entertaining soccer.For this to happen we must develop technically sound players who are comfortable on the ball and who are confident to make good decisions with or without the ball. Practice must be done correctly with maximum transfer into game situations. This must be evident in all practices. . We have the duty to create players with technical ability, good character,personalized flair and tactical behavior.

Education is key!  We all learn together. We will support all our coaches with in house training and BC Soccer certified courses. We strive to have all our coaches certified to the level and age of the team they coach!

We promote a  close knit family mentality in which the club leadership, coaches, players, and parents are all part of the Albion FC family and move together with the unified goal of providing the best environment for our players to better themselves as soccer players and as people.  

Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)

LTPD is a program for soccer player development, training, competition, and recovery based on biological age (i.e.physical maturity) rather than chronological age. It is player centred, coach driven, and administration, sport science, and sponsor supported.