AGM 2019

AGM 2019 Details

Save the Date!  
Our 2019 AGM will be March 5th, 2019

More details will be posted closer to the date!

2019 Board Positons

Board Positions coming up for renewal:
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
Volunteer Operational Positions available:
  • Trustee
  • Registrar
  • Field Scheduler
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Divisional Coordinators (boys / girls)
  • Many more positions available! See below
Description of each position:


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of Albion FC and shall preside at all meetings of the members along with all meetings of the Board of Directors.  The President shall have general authority to conduct the day-to- day management of the business for Albion FC and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are implemented. The President executes legal documents, is in charge of insurance, provides internal audit of Treasurer documents, communicates Albion FC’s short-term and long-term goals and hires/terminates all employees. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees and will have the general powers and duties of supervision and management usually vested in the office of a President of a corporation.  


The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and expended for the use of the Program and oversee Albion FC’s financials. The Treasurer shall be responsible for reporting on all sums received by, and dispersed from, the Club bank accounts. The Treasurer will create the Year End Financial Statement and make this available at the Annual General Meeting or when called upon by the President and shall provide a summary of the program’s overall financial condition at each Board of Directors meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for assuring compliance with tax and other regulatory requirements of non-profit organizations.


The activities and duties of the club’s directors will be those responsibilities delegated by the Board.


The Registrar organizes and oversees the registration of the players, coaches, referees, and program members. The Registrar also maintains and coordinates Albion FC’s manual registration dates and organizes a yearly registration calendar. The Registrar will work with the Technical Director to establish team placements and coaching assignments and will provide the necessary information to the BC Coastal Girls Soccer League and the District 5 Boys League.

Fields & Scheduling Coordinator

The Fields & Scheduling Coordinator has responsibility for determining field needs for all Albion FC program clinics and seasonal teams with the input and direction from the Technical Director. The Fields & Scheduling Coordinator shall be the primary liaison between Albion FC and the City, School District and private facilities for the request and booking of indoor and outdoor fields, ensuring quality of fields. The Fields & Scheduling Coordinator will be responsible for posting all field practice and game day information on Albion FC’s website and will maintain the field conditions and availability online as well.

Referee Coordinator

The Referee Coordinator will work with the Fields & Scheduling Coordinator to insure that all scheduled home games have an appropriate referee presiding.

Fundraiser Coordinator

The Fundraiser Coordinator will build relationships and explore new fundraising opportunities from various sources. This Coordinator will organize annual fundraising events, raffle draw and will be responsible for compiling or developing materials to submit to granting or other funding organizations. This Coordinator will work with a team of volunteers, and with Board approval, be responsible for the purchase of marketing merchandise for retail purposes. The Fundraiser Coordinator will maintain the Volunteer Database and will recruit sponsors, participants and/or volunteers for fundraising events.

Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for working with the Technical Director to determine equipment needs for all aspects of programs within Albion FC throughout the year including budget input. The Equipment Coordinator shall also provide a complete inventory of all equipment and be responsible for the purchase, repair, storage, disbursement and collection of these items. Albion FC owned equipment may include: goals, nets, field storage bins, required field equipment; soccer balls, goalie protective equipment and coach training aids.  

Uniform/Apparel Coordinator

The Uniform/Apparel Coordinator is responsible for working with the Technical Director to determine uniform, jersey and apparel needs for the association and ensuring each team is properly uniformed per rules under Albion FC.  The Uniform/Apparel Coordinator will work with the Board to research and select a vendor for uniforms for the girls’ and boys’ teams.  This person will also work to provide options for members to purchase Albion FC apparel or related merchandise.

Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for insuring Albion FC has representation at all local, community and other appropriate events. These events should include the annual Maple Ridge Santa Parade and the Pitt Meadows Day parade. The Special Events Coordinator will work with a team of volunteers, and Albion FC Board, to insure appropriateness events.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible working with the AFC list of volunteers and organizing the volunteers’ assistance. The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely with the Board, the Fundraising Coordinator and the Special Events Coordinator to insure we have appropriate help for each of our events. He or she will need to be in constant communication with all volunteers and AFC staff.

Field Prep Coordinator

The Field Prep Coordinator will be responsible preparing the fields on each day of play. Tasks will include unlocking gates, checking Red Boxes are properly stocked and locked, and checking general field conditions. The Field Prep Coordinator will work closely with both the Field & Scheduling Coordinator and the Technical Director as to which fields are in play and when on which days. Information gathered such as missing equipment or field conditions will be reported back to these contacts. This coordinator will also communicate with coaches to insure boxes and gates are locked at the end of each days’ play.

Field Liner

The Field Liner will be responsible insuring appropriate lines are painted on all fields. He or she will apply paint as required at ongoing intervals throughout the season, and work closely with both the Field & Scheduling Coordinator and the Technical Director as to which fields are in play and when.