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We are currently accepting applications for Volunteer Coaches for our 2020-2021 season!  

Team Staff FAQ

Do I need soccer experience to volunteer to be a coach, team manager or team mom/dad?
Deep knowledge of the game is not required to volunteer as a coach. Our tech staff will hold training sessions to level up your skills. We will also provide technical practices and a coaching manual for you to use during the season.

How is the team managed?
A team ideally will have a coach, a co-coach and a team manager. The coach and the co-coach will team up for practices and games and cover for each other when commitments don't work out with your soccer schedule. A team manager is a volunteer parent who will be in charge of communication, organizing team activities and is the first point of contact with parents.

I can't commit until I see a schedule
Our field scheduler works with you to find the best time and day for practices so its convenient for you. We want to keep our coaches happy and we want to make sure we make every effort possible to work with them when building a schedule. Our club doesn't have a lot of say on away games but we will sure work with you and communicate when putting together practice schedules and games and do the best we can to meet any requests.

Is there a cost to become a coach, co-coach or manage a team?
Not at all! The Club will pay for the CRC process (no upfront costs on this) and will also pay for any courses you are required to take as part of the BC Soccer Coach Accreditation. 

Are there any perks I should be aware of?
Yes! The main coach will receive a credit of 50% of their child's registration (the child who's team you coached) to use for next season. The credit will be only for the registered main coach and does not apply to assistant coaches, team managers or any other team staff. Coaches must be in our system as the main coach in order for the discount to apply. Credit will not be issued if the Criminal Record Check is not completed prior being assigned to a team. CRC must remain valid (3 years from the date it was issued) during the current season.

I want to coach, co-coach or manage a team! What are my next steps?

  1. Start processing your CRC here:
    Online Link:
    Access Code: HQWV8ENZ9C

  2. Submit a Coaching application here: This will add you to our system and will add you to our coaches emailing list used for important updates and communication.

  3. Check out our Coaching Resources:
What if I have any questions?
Email us at anytime!

More Information
Please follow instructions below (fill out Coach application form and request your CRC):

All coaches, managers and team mom/dad who volunteer need to fill out the team staff application (link above) and complete a Criminal Record Check. You can use the link and code above to process yours. Applying for this is free, please use the code provided.

Thank you for choosing to be a participating member of our soccer club. As you probably know, we are a non-profit soccer organization, so it is people like you who enable us to provide a great soccer experience for our players.

All adults who work with children in our organization are required to submit to a Criminal Records Check, and we are now a part of the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP), which enables our volunteers to submit for their checks online at no cost. The Criminal Records Check must be completed every 2 years. We encourage you to complete this online application as soon as possible to ensure you will have clearance when the season begins.

When you go to the CRRP application online there will be a few questions that you will need to answer in order to prove your identity. Your responses are private and will not be delivered to our club. We will only receive the CRC result. Please use the following information to access the online CRRP Criminal Records Check.

Online Link:
Access Code: HQWV8ENZ9C

Please note that your CRC results are valid for two years*.  

*If a director, volunteer, or employee of BC Soccer, or an affiliated BC Soccer organization, is charged with or convicted of an offence, per the Criminal Records Review Act (RSBC 1996), within 36 months of their last criminal record check on file, that person must promptly report the charge or conviction to the organization(s) with which they volunteer or are employed by. The organization must promptly request the charged or convicted person obtain a new criminal record check including a vulnerable sector check (if applicable) and determine, within timelines specified by the organization, if that person is suitable to continue carrying out his or her duties. 

Once again, thank you for being a valued Albion FC volunteer this season.