Program Outline

AFC Program Outline

Albion FC Programs Overview

Albion FC is pleased to provide year round soccer programs for Youth Soccer from U4 to U18, Adult Soccer, and our Specialized Adaptive Programs available to all individuals wanting to participate and enjoy the game.

Through positive coaching supported by on and off the field technical assistance and our commitment to a fun, learning environment we are able to support and encourage all of our players, parents and coaches in our club.

Please note that spring programs may require more travel.

Fall / Spring Mini Program (U4-U5)

Albion FC Mini Program for U4-U5 boys and girls players is a once-a-week program on Saturday in Pitt Meadows and on Sunday In Maple Ridge. The sessions are an hour long and take place on local fields, time and place determined by our field allocations with Pitt Meadows and Maple

In this program we focus on developing the basic fundamentals of soccer: passing, dribbling, kicking, speed and agility and physical literacy. The most important aspect of this program is for the kids to have fun and enjoy themselves.
All sessions are run by Albion FC staff coaches.
When registering for this program you will have the option to request the following:
 To be placed on an all boys or girls team (when available)
 To be placed on a coed boys/girls team
 To be placed on your friends and/or relatives team

Fall / Spring Mini Program (U6)

Albion FC Mini Program for U6 boys and girls players is a once-a-week program on Saturday in Pitt Meadows and on Sunday In Maple Ridge. The sessions are an hour long and take place on local fields, time and place determined by our field allocations with Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.
In this program we focus on advancing the players skills, still focussing on passing, dribbling, kicking, rudimentary technical aspects, speed and agility and physical literacy. We introduce some of the  basic rules of the game and team play concepts all in an environment that emphasizes fun.
In this program we alternate on field play week by week:
 Skill development
 Team play and technical.
All sessions are run by Albion FC staff coaches.
When registering for this program you will have the option to request the following:
 To be placed on an all boys or girls team (when available)
 To be placed on a coed boys/girls team
 To be placed on your friends and or relatives team

Fall / Spring League Soccer (U7) 
Future Stars Program

Under 7 boys and girls teams play in our “in-house” league on local Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows fields. In this age group we encourage parents to step forward as volunteer coaches, supported by our staff coaches during their practice and game sessions. Parents who are new to the game can be confident that they have the resources of our staff coaches to guide them on their way to fulfilling their coaching experiences. Time commitments to the team are:

• One practice session a week run by the volunteer coach(es), overview by a designated staff coach or program director.
• One game on the weekend run by the volunteer coach(es), playing in our “in-house league”. All games will be on Sunday, fields and times TBD.

Fall / Spring League Soccer (U8-U18)

From this point forward skill development, team development and technical aspects of the game go hand in hand as players progress from age group to age group. Resources for our volunteer coaches are always available including BC Soccer Coaching Courses that are paid for by the club. Players develop their skills at different degrees depending on physical development, mental acuity and desire to achieve. As a result, U8 to U12 players and parents are given the option to be grouped into teams either in our development stream or in our recreational stream. Development stream team prospects are evaluated by technical staff before teams are selected.
In these programs:

• One practice session a week is run by our technical staff, working with the team coach(es). Spring session only.
• One Practice session a week is run by the team volunteer coach(es).
• One game on the weekend, coached by the team volunteer coach(es). Boys play on Saturday and girls play on Sunday. Fields and times will vary depending on home or away games.
U8-U12 will play in district, locations and times will vary for both fall and spring.
U13-U18 will play district interlock, locations and times will vary for both Fall and Spring.


Albion Academy Training Curriculums include a broad range of both technical and tactical drills.
These are combined with skill development, speed and agility training, shooting and finishing in addition to techniques of defending, and creative attacking. The end goal is to bring all these facets together during controlled scrimmages and game opportunities. Each curriculum is developed from the guidelines of the Long Term Player Development as set out by BC Soccer and Soccer Canada.
The program provides an opportunity for players to develop their on field playing and thinking skills. This ensures players have all the tools and training available to them as they progress on their soccer journey.
Academy players progress is tracked and recorded with a mid term player progression report and a year end report card. This helps both parents and players in determining the next steps for the players development.

Registration in the program includes and Albion FC track suit that we ask all participants to wear for their training sessions.

World Cup Free Play

Albion FC World Cup program is all about playing games. Players are placed on teams each week and play a mini tournament that is supervised by staff coaches emphasizing positive encouragement with little interference in the course of play.

Studies have indicated, and parents can verify, that the creativity of free play — without interference from adults — helps youth to learn leadership skills, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Free play is essential in developing motor skills, core strength, agility, balance, and coordination. Activities in the program, are central to the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of children.

Skill development

The Albion FC Skill Development is for players looking for a more individualized approach to their soccer experience. Skill Development is about touches on the ball and will provide a focus on individual player development over team play. Training is delivered via small group utilizing station based activities with the focus being on technical and physical advancement. Small- sided games are used to provide context and enhance learning. 

Fun & Fitness (U6 – U12)

This program is designed for the new or beginner player looking to get fit and develop basic soccer skills. Participants Kids learn and have fun without the fear of failure or criticism.

We offer a non-threatening, positive environment filled with fun soccer and fitness activities.
Players are grouped by age and ability where the focus is on activities and games that promote physical literacy.

Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity.
As part of the registration package players will receive a t-shirt to wear during their sessions.

Goalkeeper Academy (U8-U16)

Albion FC is proud to offer a Goalkeeper Academy program specifically designed to provide continuity for existing goalkeepers and new opportunities for those looking to develop their goalkeeper skills. We are very fortunate to have one of the Lower Mainland’s premier goaltending coaches, Matthew Carson, bringing his knowledge and expertise into this program.

As with any specialized position, the techniques and requirements of the goalkeeper role require tailored development approaches delivered by professional coaches. Parents will have the opportunity to observe their children as they engage in exciting and intense drills, specifically designed to hone the goalkeeper’s individual skills. Participants work in age specific and ability level groups to maximize the effect of their sessions. Topics covered throughout the season are:

• Speed
• Agility
• Power
• Positioning
• Distribution
• Diving
• Handling
• Shot stopping
• Crosses and Communication

As part of the registration package, all players will receive a t-shirt that is to be worn during their sessions.

Co-ed Walking Soccer (age 50+)

This program is a non-competitive, self-refereed version of soccer (overseen by a staff coach), where participants walk instead of run and play with smaller-sized nets.
It is open to all adults (50+) in the Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows community. All sessions include proper pre-game warm-up conducted by our staff coach followed by a small-sided game.

The benefits of Walking Soccer are:
 Improve fitness
 Improve overall health
 Improve blood pressure & blood sugar levels
 Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease & strokes
 Improve balance & strength

Along with all these great health benefits, walking soccer is social and FUN!

Please note: You must be 50 years or older to participate in these sessions.

Adaptive Program (U6 - U18)

The Albion FC Adaptive Program allows children and youth an opportunity to learn and experience soccer in a barrier free environment. The goal is to give children the opportunity to make new friends, learn the basic skills of soccer and overall motor skills.
This program uses soccer as a foundation for young players to grow and develop as people while creating new friendships along the way in a fun and safe environment. It does not matter if a child or youth player has ADHD, mental health, behavioural, developmental disability, or intellectual disability as our goal is for them to play with smile on their face.
The sessions include: SAQ, fundamental motor skills, fun games, basic passing and shooting drills and is facilitated by our Technical Director Billy Johnstone who has over 15 years of experience with BC Special Olympics in coaching soccer.

Billy’s credentials include:

 Two National titles as Head Coach of the BC Special Olympics team
 Head Coach of the Canadian Special Olympics Soccer Team
 As Head Coach the team won the gold medal at the 2007 World Special Olympics Games in Shanghai, China.

U8 - U12 Two Streams for Interactive Play

Albion FC Soccer Club provides two streams for U8 - U12 League Players: Recreational Stream and Development Stream.

Both streams offer players the ability to develop their technical skills, comprehension of team play and formations. In addition, participants continue to develop their individual agility, balance and coordination in a fun and challenging environment without the fear of failure.

We believe ability-based teams allow all players to play at their skill and confidence level. We want all players to be challenged, and to enjoy their playing experiences which supports Long Term Player Development. With two streams, our league teams are more balanced in overall ability which allows for a more competitive environment and offers all teams a chance for success.

Developmental teams are formed at U8 based on technical staff evaluations conducted during the U7 Future Stars program, our Academies and camps. Developmental team rosters Carry a smaller number of players to facilitate call ups from the House stream which is an important part of our player development strategy.

Technical staff work with team officials to provide opportunities for House stream players to practice and play games with Developmental teams over the course of the season. These opportunities are at the discretion of our technical staff, conferences with Development Team coaches identifying team needs, and discussions with House Team coaches on their player potential and skill set. Changes to rosters may be made before, during, or after a season on player placement for all U8 - U12 age groups.