Program Outline

AFC Program Outline

Albion FC Programs Overview

Skill Development (U6 - U16) 

For players looking to improve their technical ability. This program is all about touches on the ball. It will be a fast-paced station model where players will work on moves, first touch, passing and shooting etc. Players will be grouped by age and ability. 

All players will receive a t-shirt. 

Fun & Fitness (U6 - U12) 

This program is for the new or beginner player looking at getting some fitness and basic  soccer skills. 

Kids will learn and have fun without the fear of failure or criticism.  

We offer a non-threatening, positive environment filled with fun soccer and fitness activities. Players will be grouped by age. 

All players will receive a t-shirt. 

Adult Co-ed Soccer  

Co-ed adult soccer program which will focus on getting some fitness in with tons of laughs!  AFC Technical Staff will oversee this program. Open to all adults in the Maple Ridge  community. All sessions will include; a warm-up, a skill component followed by a small-sided  game. 

Please note you must be 18 years or older to participate in these sessions.

Player Development Academy (U8-U16) 

This academy is designed for dedicated players looking to up their game. This program will  focus on using the skills in game realistic activities where decision making, vision and  awareness is key.

Goalkeeper Academy (U8-U16) 

Albion FC is proud to offer a new Goalkeeper Academy program to provide continuity for  existing goalkeepers and new opportunities for those looking to develop their goalkeeper  skills.As with any specialized position, the techniques and requirements of the goalkeeper  role require tailored development programs delivered by professional coaches.Participants  will have the opportunity to engage in exciting, intense, structured drills specifically designed  to the goalkeeper’s age and ability level. Topics that will be covered throughout the season  are: 

  • Speed 
  • Agility 
  • Power 
  • Positioning 
  • Distribution 
  • Diving 
  • Handling 
  • Shot-stopping 
  • Crosses and Communication 

All players will receive a t-shirt. 

Our head goalkeeper coach is Matthew Carson. 

World Cup (U8-U16) 

World Cup is all about playing games. Players will be placed on teams each week and play a  mini tournament. Supervised by staff coaches with positive encouragement and little  interference. 

All players will receive a t-shirt. 

Individual Training (U6 – U18) 

For all players that are looking for some extra training, Nick Soolsma is available for individual coaching sessions. 

The sessions will focus on improving all aspects of the game: passing, first touch, dribbling,  moves, shooting, speed and agility etc. 

See Nick Soolsma biography here:  

Please contact Nick Soolsma at if you interested.

Co-ed Walking Soccer (age 50+) 

This program is a non-competitive, self-refereed version of soccer (overseen by a staff  coach), where participants walk instead of run and play with smaller-sized nets.  

Open to all adults (50+) in the Maple Ridge community. All sessions will include; a warm-up  followed by a small-sided game. 

Some of the benifits of Walking Soccer are: 

  • Improves fitness & overall health 
  • Improves blood pressure & blood sugar levels 
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease & strokes 
  • Improves balance & strength 

Along with all of these great health benefits, walking soccer is social and FUN! Please note you must be 50 years or older to participate in these sessions. 

Adaptive Program (U6 - U18) 

The Albion FC Adaptive Program will allow children and youth an opportunity to learn and  experience soccer in a barrier free environment. The goal is to give children the opportunity to make new friends, learn the basic skills of soccer and overall motor skills. This program will use soccer as a foundation for these young players to grow and develop as  people while creating new friendships along the way in a fun and safe environment.  Regardless if a child or youth player has ADHD, mental health, behavioural, developmental  disability, or intellectual disability it is our goal for them to play with smile on their face. 

The sessions will include: SAQ, fundamental motor skills, fun games, basic passing and  shooting drills. 

This program is facilitated by our Technical Director Billy Johnstone who has over 15 years of  experience with BC Special Olympics in coaching soccer. Billy won two National titles as  Head Coach of the BC Special Olympics team followed this by being named Head Coach of  the Canadian Special Olympics Soccer Team winning a gold medal at the 2007 World Special Olympics Games in Shanghai, China.

Spring League Soccer (U8-U18) 

Spring League Soccer includes: 

  • One session a week run by our technical staff. 
  • One session a week run by a volunteer coach. 
  • One game on the weekend, boys are playing on Saturday and girls are playing on  Sunday. 

U8-U12 will play in district. 

U13-U18 will play in the Cascadia Spring League.