Quality Soccer

Quality Soccer Designation

We're thrilled to announce that Albion FC has achieved the prestigious Quality Soccer Designation License! 🌟

Our commitment to providing an exceptional soccer experience has led us to meet and exceed the stringent standards set by the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program. This designation highlights our dedication to delivering a developmentally appropriate, safe, enjoyable, accessible, inclusive, and welcoming playing environment for all our participants.

From our governance and administration to our technical approach, every aspect of Albion FC reflects our dedication to excellence. We're proud to be located in Canada, a Member in Good Standing with our governing organization(s), and compliant with their by-laws, policies, and directives. Our commitment extends to adhering to the Canada Soccer Code of Conduct and Ethics, ensuring a positive and respectful atmosphere for all.

As a Quality Soccer Provider, we go beyond the ordinary. Our administration ensures that all participants are registered with our governing organization(s) and receive vital information from Canada Soccer. Our access to suitable facilities and equipment guarantees a seamless and enjoyable soccer experience.

At the core of it all is our dedication to providing a safe, accessible, and inclusive soccer environment. We're committed to fostering a lifelong love for the game by focusing on long-term participation and aligning our programming with Long Term Player Development stage-appropriate best practices.

Thank you for being part of the Albion FC family as we continue to raise the bar and set new standards in quality soccer. Together, we're creating a thriving community where every participant can flourish and enjoy the beautiful game.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on our journey to excellence!




Canada Soccer Code of Conduct and Ethics

Social Media Guidelines


Guide Introduction

In aligning with traditional media practices, we find ourselves presented with both an opportunity and a responsibility to effectively manage Albion FC's online reputation. Social media stands as an exceptional tool for global communication, and apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp have simplified group chat environments. Given these tools, it becomes essential to establish clear guidelines and best practices for athletes and coaches utilizing these communication channels. Using these tools inappropriately can have adverse effects on individuals, coaches, teams, and the club.

This guide serves as a supplement to Albion FC's Social Media Policy, outlining expectations and best practices for the use of social media and other communication methods by Albion FC athletes, coaches, and their teams.

Official Albion FC Social Media Accounts

The purpose of the club's official social media presence includes:
- Promoting the club and club community
- Communicating club events
- Celebrating club and its players/team achievements
- Promoting the sport of soccer and the pathway

The official social media presence is not intended to:
- Promote religious or political matters/events
- Take a position on any industry events
- Convey any unsportsmanlike behaviors
- Encourage public "banter" in any form

Expectations for Personal Social Media Use

Many Albion FC teams enjoy sharing their successes and challenges on unofficial, club-related social media platforms. Albion FC highly supports this practice when used appropriately and respects the rights of its members, staff, and players to use blogs and other social media tools for self-expression. It is crucial that everyone affiliated with the club is aware of the implications of engaging in forms of social media and online conversations that reference the club, recognizing when the club has a vested interest and might be held responsible for the behavior of others. There is a difference between speaking "on behalf of the club or team" and speaking "about" the club or team.

Guidelines and expectations when using social media to represent Albion FC should always be followed, including:

Accounts using the Albion FC logo, "AFC," "Albion FC," or other affiliated club references in their accounts will be held to a higher standard and must include the following statement on their account page: "This account is not an official Albion FC Soccer Club account."

Remember that everything you post is a representation of the players, coaches, parents, athletes, and Albion FC; follow the AFC Social Media Policy.

  • Feel free to tag the club's official accounts in your posts or use the hashtag #albionfcmr
  • Report any misuse or negative comments about Albion FC Soccer Club found on social media platforms to a club executive member; do not personally respond to, comment on, or otherwise engage in any online discussion in response to these comments.
  • The club reserves the right to request an account be shut down if these guidelines or the club policy are not followed.

Group Chat Protocol and Best Practices

Coaches/Managers should:
- Be mindful of all group chats, including the general tone and mood.
- Speak to players about guidelines and rules of group chats (see below).
- Understand the intention of the group chat and its purpose, monitoring as necessary.
- Immediately address any comments that are controversial.
- Make the Club Technical Director aware of any controversial issues.
- Request chats be kept to reasonable hours.
- Ensure no non-team members are included/added.

Team/Group chats or posts should:
- Be open to all players on the team, including coach and managers.
- Have a purpose and intention behind the group chat.
- Keep chats to reasonable hours.
- Ensure no non-team members are included/added.
- Be full of positive comments and comments intended to enhance team bonding.
- Be respectful.
- Always represent the club in a positive way and in accordance with club/BC Soccer/CSA codes of conduct.
- Encourage players to consider the following three questions before they post:
- Is this relevant?
- Is this necessary?
- Is this a good time to post?

Team/Group chats or posts may not:
- Directly discuss performances of players on the team.
- Directly criticize (or name) players or coaches on their own team.
- Directly criticize (or name) players on opposing teams.
- Directly criticize opposing teams.
- Overly boast about victories or championships.
- Include inappropriate discussion, content, photos, gifs which are against codes of conduct or policies of the club.
- Post content considered to be "spam."

Failure to comply with these guidelines allows the club to insist on group chats being shut down, and/or all comments about the club and team to cease immediately. It's important to note that players could face suspension if these guidelines or the club policy are not followed.

In Conclusion

You hold the responsibility for your actions. Anything you post that can potentially tarnish your team, a teammate, or Albion FC's image will ultimately be your responsibility. If you're about to publish something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, refrain from posting it. What you publish is yours, including the responsibility and consequences resulting from inappropriate posts. The Internet is permanent, even if you "remove/delete" it later or attempt to make it anonymous. Just because online conversations are often fleeting and immediate, do not underestimate the significance or permanence of social media and screen shots. Team chats/groups and online media presence should be designed to interact in a positive manner, build rapport, and bond with teammates. Albion FC encourages all players and teams to be club ambassadors at all times, to be safe and have fun. Social media can be a great way to network and share special moments with friends and family. Be proud of your team successes and contributions by ensuring all communications and posts align with our club policy.

Club Guidelines and Policies


Club Resources

LTP Development Pathway by Canada Soccer

- Canada Soccer Pathway - Fundamentals (U-6/U-8 F, U-6/U-10 M)

Grassroots Standards

We follow Canada Soccer Grassroots Standards to create the best possible learning and development environment for all young players in our Club.

Commitment to providing an enjoyable soccer experience for all participants

At Albion FC, we are deeply committed to providing an enjoyable soccer experience for all participants. We believe that soccer should be a source of joy, camaraderie, and personal growth. Whether someone is a seasoned player or just starting out, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and encouraged to pursue their passion for the game. Our dedicated coaches and staff work diligently to ensure that each participant has a positive and inclusive experience, focusing on skill development, teamwork, fair play, and a love for the sport. We are dedicated to fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere where lifelong memories are made, friendships are forged, and a genuine passion for soccer is nurtured.

Code of Conduct


Albion FC Code of Conduct

Coaches and Staff Information


Coaches and Staff Information


Long Term Player Development
Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is a CSA soccer-specific adaptation of the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) developed by Canadian Sport Centres. LTAD is a scientific model for periodized athlete training and development that respects and utilizes the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth in athletes.
Like the LTAD program, LTPD is designed to:
  • Promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  • Provide a structured player development pathway.
  • Describe best practices for elite player development.
  • Create long-term excellence.
The soccer environment in British Columbia provides a number of opportunities to participate which services players of all age, abilities and levels.

Coach's Pathway

Providing the appropriate environment for all registered players in BC is of the utmost importance to BC Soccer.  Coaches across BC play an extremely important role in the support and development of players, therefore coach education and certification continues to be a major priority for BC Soccer.

The Coach Pathway image below provide a visual overview of the minimum certification requirements for the various levels of play.

Referee Pathway

Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is a CSA soccer-specific adaptation of the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) developed by Canadian Sport Centres. LTAD is a scientific model for periodized athlete training and development that respects and utilizes the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth in athletes. Like the LTAD program, LTPD is designed to:

1. Promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
2. Provide a structured player development pathway.
3. Describe best practices for elite player development.
4. Create long-term excellence.
Benefits of LTPD

The BC Soccer Pathway provides a roadmap for soccer players of all ages and abilities to participate at various levels of the game with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation. The Pathway is built around the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD).